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Alisha Woodroof Fitness Consultant & Personal Trainer
Alisha, the owner and heart of GetAMPed Fitness, brings a wealth of training experience and fitness knowledge to you. 
As a former Division I collegiate athlete and collegiate coach, Alisha has experienced training and coaching at an elite level.  She has been a personal trainer and fitness consultant in Raleigh since 2003. 
Her clients run the gamut with regard to physical fitness level, ability, age and goals.  She brings the same amount of excitement and level of determination and intensity to each client, regardless of goals and physical fitness level. 
Alisha has trained in various environments for 16 years with diverse populations.  She brings this wealth of knowledge to you! 
As a former NCAA champion and All-American tennis player,  8 time marathon participant, trainer to aspiring professional athletes, trainer and coach of elite Division I athletes--you can be assured that she possesses the knowledge and commitment to wellness that will turn your fitness goals into reality.
The passion she has in life and commitment to healthy living translates to her clients.
Not only does Alisha have experience, she has the educational credentials as well.  She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in Exercise and Sports Science as well as English.  She is also certified as a personal trainer by IFTA.   Annually she renews her CPR and Red Cross First Aid certifications as the well being of her clients is paramount. have NO MORE EXCUSES! 
Contact Alisha today and renew your commitment to a healthy lifestyle!
"I love personal training--not just the physical aspect but the impact it has on the overall well being of individuals.  As a personal trainer, I incorporate functional and motivational tools that I have learned and utilized in coaching as well as a competitive athlete.  Working with my clients not only affords me the opportunity to remain committed to my own physical and psychological well being but to also contribute to the lives of others."
Alisha Woodroof, personal trainer and owner of GetAMPed Fitness
Alisha Woodroof
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