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Get AMPED Fitness 
                       LOSE INCHES, FEEL BETTER
                           and You Could WIN $500
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Register today for the GetAMPed Fitness
2012 NEW YEAR, 

Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your New Year’s Resolution to lose fat into a reality.

Have FUN, LOSE FAT, and WIN $500 for your team while you’re doing it!

Here’s how it works...
You’ll compete in teams of 3 people.  At least one person from your team must be someone who isn’t currently working out with GetAMPed Fitness in training or boot camps.

The team that loses the highest percentage of inches will win $500.  That’s over$150 for every person on your team!

We’ll kick off the challenge with a short workshop on January 26th.  Here you’ll learn more about workout recommendations and other details that will help you get the best results during the competition.

Everyone on your team must complete their initial measurements at GetAMPed Fitness between Jan. 31-Feb. 3 and then you’ll be required to attend measuring every 2 weeks in order to qualify for the Grand Prize. Final measurements will occur between April 2-5.

WE NEED AT LEAST 8 TEAMS TO REGISTER BY JANUARY 25, 2012 IN ORDER TO RUN THIS COMPETITION.  So gather your friends and family members who are ready to start the New Year with a New Body and register today!

Basic Entry-$50
group emails from personal motivation coach, Alisha Woodroof.
shopping list and nutrition tips

Silver Entry-$97
everything in the basic PLUS one additional group email per week, one educational and informative article relating to health and fitness via email, 2 recipes per week via email, Q&A via email

Gold Entry-$299 **best value**
all the benefits of both levels PLUS an individualized program written specifically for you and UNLIMITED BOOT CAMPS for the duration of the challenge   

Entry fees are not refundable.  In the event that less than eight(8) teams compete your entry fee will be refunded in its entirety.  All team members must participate in all measurements to qualify for the Grand Prize of $500.
  • Regardless of which entry level you sign up for, you will have eligibility for the grand prize.
  • Three(3) people per team; must include at least one(1) person who is not currently working out at GetAMPed Fitness.
  • A team may consist of all people who are not working out at GetAMPed Fitness.
  • The beginning measurements must be between Jan.31-Feb. 3. (no measurements after Feb. 3); and the final measurements must be done between April 2-April 5 (no final measurements after April 5).
  • Measurements will be taken at the belly button, dominant arm, and dominant leg on everybody.
  • All contestants must complete a registration form and liability form.
  • It is recommended to complete four(4) workouts per week minimally (24 total workouts) during the contest.  A combination of strength training, cardiovascular, and boot camps are recommended to achieve maximum results.
  • Mandatory measuring will be every 2 weeks.  If any team member fails to measure in prior to the required dates the team will automatically be disqualified. (Please note: It will be the responsibility of the team, not GetAMPed Fitness, to ensure each member of the team measures in on time.)
  • Participants may measure at any time during the posted daily hours sent via email.
  • A minimum of 8 teams must participate in order to run the contest.  A full refund will be given to each participant if the minimum requirements are not met.
  • No refunds will be issued after the registration fee is paid, with the exception of the minimum number of team requirements not being met.
Measurement Dates
Measurement #1-Jan. 31-Feb. 3
Measurement#2-Feb. 27-29
Measurement#3-March 14-16
Final Measurement-April 2-5

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