GetAMPed Fitness - Boot Camp...CHECK IT OUT!!!
GetAMPed Fitness - NO More Excuses!
Boot Camp...
Don't Let the Name 
Scare You......

kettlebells, ropes, superbands, and lots more "boot camp" style exercises to spike that metabolism and keep you burning calories all day!!
Focus:  Boot Camp
GetAMPed's Boot Camps are based around the concept of
 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). 
If you are willing to work hard and push yourself to get 1% better a day, then you are ready for these boot camps.  We will do things that your body has never experienced before and that's the point!!  Come on out and give it a try!!  GetAMPed's boot camps are kept small for a more personal feel.  You will be coached and pushed to give your best!!
When: Tues/Thurs 6:15-7:00am
Tues/Thurs 6:30-7:15 pm
 Sunday 11 am
Where: GetAMPed Fitness Studio
located at Holly Park Shopping Center
in US Fitness 

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Classes Tuesday & Thursday
6:15 am to 7:00 am
6:30 pm to 7:15 pm
Sunday  at 11 am

Here is how we do it!!
Yes it is early.....but we start the day out in style!
Outside...first and then we move into the studio....
 “What a fabulous way to start the day!  Boot camp with Alisha is supercharged!   The workout is challenging, efficient and effective.  Alisha balances intensity with fun!  Come and join us!”  Monica U. – Boot camper!
Alisha demonstrates one of the stations before the boot campers begin a circuit.
"Boot camp is a high intensity training session.  My heart rate gets up higher in boot camp than any other activity I do.  Last week, I burned 456 calories in a 45 minute session!  It is always different and always challenging. Thanks Alisha!" 
Sondra D.---Boot camper
"Alisha really makes you work hard during personal training sessions, but especially hard in boot camp.  She always encourages you to do your best and makes modifications   for your abilities."
Martha L.- Boot camper
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