GetAMPed Fitness - BEFORE & AFTER...
GetAMPed Fitness - NO More Excuses!

Terri S. has lost over 100 lbs. since she started working with Alisha in 2005.  Terri has stayed dedicated to her workouts and mind conscious eating even on vacations.  Terri has run in local 5Ks and 8Ks and this past summer completed her first sprint triathlon.

Sandy P. started her journey with GetAMPed Fitness in 2007.  Along with strength training, Sandy started running for the first time and has now completed several half marathons and has competed in the Senior Olympics in the 5K, mile, 800m and 400 m..Sandy has continued to get leaner, fitter, and faster and has proven that it's never too late to start something new.

Owen S. began training with Get AMPed Fitness in early 2010.  He has lost 7 1/2" in his waist and over 30 pounds! He can now do 9 unassisted range of motion pull ups---when we started he could not do any!  His maximum bench press was 140 pounds when we began now it is 300 pounds!  His training program includes 2 customized training sessions at Get AMPed Fitness weekly plus Kung Fu practice and a customized kettle bell workout.  His diet has been completely overhauled too.

Pictured below Owen is Amy E..  Amy started doing GetAMPed Fitness boot camps in April 2011.  She has lost 2 jean sizes and is happier and stronger than ever.  Amy does 3 boot camps a week and has started "dialing it in" on her nutrition.

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